Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything in a nutshell

.... No excuses for me. I'm a slacker and have been slacking a bit on my blog. Well life in general. Excuse is: I am a mother of two kids. Yup I definitely have permission to use that for everything. Haha!!! Life has been a bit crazy in my home. School finished last week(YAAAHHYAHHHYAHHYIPPITYYAHHH!). GOSH I hate school. I even hate that I hate school. Wish I could just figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life... Maybe one day I'll get it right. "If it ain't crazy it ain't meee"... should be my life motto. UGHHH I feel like this past month my brain has been all over the place. However I have been successful at finding a job. Which I LOVE!!! I work with customers who don't speak english all day... There from all over the world and I envy that they can just SPLurGe there money on just about anything. WHAT A LIFE!!! Ahhh.. must be nice. The only issue I do have with my job is my feet KILL at the end of my shift. I think It's a sign of old age. KIDS, another wonderful gift they bring to you.... aging, even though I'm ONLYYY 22! Sheeesh....! LOL. Love my boys!

I have managed to fit in two trips to Utah in a month. Had a blast every minute of it. Was forced to watch Paranormal Activities with my cousin...(which I'm late at watching, I know) but I don't really like scary movies especially ones like that. My opinion on it is BLEGH.... literally I felt soooo sick after watching it, NO not because I was sooo scared because the camera kept moving which gave me motion sickness. Oh I also had to sleep with the hallway light on all night. Haahaa. DON"T JUDGE ME:)

My Crazy hoodlums... Are growing ever soo ruffly everyday. They cannot manage to go throughout the whole day without a scrap here or there. Which I will hear it all in the bathroom when I'm giving them baths, SCREAMING there little(BIIIGGG) heads off "NOOOO MOMMY IT HURTSS, OUCHIE IT STINGS" Haahaa. They are constantly beating on each other and then they will both come crying blaming the other. I have no remorse, other mothers probably think I'm Crazy. BBuuuttt I don't baby my boys... not because I want them to grow up tuff It's just not me. I never liked being babied growing up. So I don't do it to them. My Oldest son who is 3 1/2 can write his name. T.A.Y. I was sooo proud of him when he came to show me on his doodle thingy. He is soo eager to grow up and go to school and I'm hoping next school year I can start him in preschool. Kaiden is my bunga baby, Looks an acts like a FOB all day. Crazy but I cherish those moments he does let me cuddle and kiss him. He hates being cuddled and hates giving kisses... His idea of a kiss is on his forehead... Psh like he too good to give his mommy(anybody for that matter) real kisses. Lol. I'm afraid he's just too much like his momma in that way.

Life is pretty much happening... I love every moment I'm able to be with my kids. Even more so that I'm working. Which 8 hrs away from my kids everyday is too long, but has to happen:( I'm truly blessed to have found a job as quick as I did. It was wonderful timing too because school just ended so I was able to have no complications with my school and work schedule colliding together. I Love my life and am excited for summer... not are Vegas heat but chillin by the pool with my family! Love it!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My WEEK Consisted of:

1. Ramon and Victor came home for Spring Break.

2. TONS of shopping trips.

3. Late night laughs, and a trip down memory lane.

4. Victor has MAD cooking skills. His orange chicken is better then Panda Express!

5. One week closer to my second and most likely last semester of college. (Cosmetology school hurr I come!)

6. Late night concert on Fremont St. Lady Antebellum Rocks!!!

7. Had a Interview at Tommy Hilfiger in the Premium outlets...Went AWESOMELY well.

8. Boys, boys, boys...That use to have a different meaning five years ago but now my life is surrounded by handsome boys.

9. This Vegas heat is killing me... hit 87 degrees today. Wheres are water park when we need it?

10. My cousin Keyra's in town and it'll be a week full of Crazy fun...of course in a LOVELY MOMMY MANNER.

This week was full of fun and good times with Ramon and Victor... Love my little BIG city!!! It's definitely a Place I call home.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Uhhhh... It has been 12 hours without my kids. I'm going CRAZY :( I need my boys back!!!! Everyone left out of town yesterday. While little ol' me had to stay behind for a job interview which I REALLY hope I get. I drive up tomorrow morning. DREADING it, six hours in the car by myself doesn't sound very fun. So for now I'm home alone. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Totally feel like I have no life.
TOMORROW please come faster. Thanks!
In the mean while I will be a big loser at home, Blasting the music, dancing alone because my two sidekicks are gone for now...I LOVE MY BOYS...LITERALLY wouldn't know what to do without them...JUst GottA DEal!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's sad that it takes someone to leave this earth to realize ALL the great and wonderful things they have taught you. Most of all to realize the ENORMOUS amount of love you have for them despite the arguments and growing you happened to do. Three years gone, has it really been that long? It seemed like just yesterday that I had rolled over in bed with my BIG pregnant self hearing the words exchanged over the phone with my Mom and my Dad's band manager. My stomach still drops over and over again when I think of that night. knowing that my Dad was not going to be here much longer, just by the look on my Moms face when she was telling me the news. The next two weeks were a blurr. I think about the last time I saw my father... And all I can say is I wish I would have hugged him a little longer, talked with him more instead of rushing out of the house. But before I left that evening he bore his testimony to me. He was always baring his testimony to us kids. Every chance he got! He told me I was a daughter of God! And I needed to not feel shame and hold my head HIGH. I was feeling shame for being pregnant and the situation I was putting the family through. But my Dad could careless what anyone thought of me. He knew who I was despite my mistakes. I am a daughter of God and regardless of our faults our father in heaven will always love us the same. My dad taught me a valuable lesson that night. No matter how much people talked or how many heads turned... I will always be a daughter of God!!!

Thursday would have been his 54 birthday... three years and 4 grand children later I know he is proud of each of his children. He taught us well. I Love and Miss him GREATLY!But like my brother told me while he was serving a mission "I am the luckiest missionary out here, I'm able to have my Dad by my side all the time." Just like it was for him I to am the luckiest daughter in the world I'm able to have my father by my side all the time! So as I'm celebrating my father's birthday this week I will be remembering all the things that I am forever grateful for!

Friday, February 26, 2010

February where'd ya go?

Wow this month went fast! Where the heck did it go. Weeks are blending into each other. Days what are days anymore...HA! My kids I take one look at them and MAN how did you guys become so big. Their soon going to be towering over me and hogging the T.V. remote watchin ESPN!!! Haahaa! That's okay they gotta grow out of the spidey man under roo's first. They still have a while.

Not a whole lot happened this month. Tay has officially been potty trained. He's out of diapers folks which means more money YAY! He's been a pro at going potty in the toilet and also not wetting the bed(which is a plus for G-ma who shares a bed with him). Kaiden is no longer on a bottle HALLELUJAH!!! I was able to get Tay off the bottle right at a year, but Kaiden was too stubborn and I of course had less patience. My brother flew in from Idaho V-day weekend which was awesome. Always love having him home for a little bit. Him and I were able to get out and shop for a while, me without the KIDDIES! Which is always a treat when I can get a break. For the first time in my life my bro spent more money on a pair of shoes then I did... Lucky son of a gun! Of course he offered to get me a pair but motherhood has really calmed my addiction for shoes(I think?) haahaa. It was fun having family dinners, talking story, watching re-runs of wipe out all nite laughing our big heads off, listening to a Communism project that was due for him when he got back...honestly I really didn't know a whole lot about Communism until then. INTERESTING thing it is. And the big bonus at the end was his flight got cancelled Monday morning and he was able to stay one more night. So we got to do that all over again! HAAHAA. Like old times.

Christina and I also discovered a new park will be taking our kids to from now on. Its not ghetto or dirty or has scary people hanging around. HAAHAAA! I think me and her had more fun on it then the kids did! People were probably looking at us funny but hey can't get mad a mamas who want a little fun too. RIGHT?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! January was a wild month for me. I have taken on a FULL load of classes this semester not to mention the changes I've made for myself and the boys over the past couple months. EVERYTHING just seems so hard lately. My emotions and stress levels have gone whack. I feel like just the simple task of getting ready for the day is a chore. I don't know why I feel this way. For once in my life I'm doing something for me. Doing something better for my kids... but yet I feel overwhelmed with LIFE!!! My boys are what keep me going. I know that you probably hear that a lot but they are literally my drive to succeed. I have come a long way in this gospel, well life period and know this is just a hill I need to get over. This is only the beginning of a journey I have set to embark on. The power of prayer does wonderful thing... and I have been so blessed to be surrounded by my family in my times of need.

I have been so proud of myself this semester. School well Ive never been very fond of it. This semester I have decided to go for medical billing and coding. The schooling only takes about a year and a half which is perfect for me when I have no time to waste. I want to hurry up and get a good job that is more secure. Its only been a couple of weeks but I have taken 6 quizzes and one test so far and have managed to get all A's on every single one! It may not be anything big to you but for me this is a great accomplishment. Any WHO just wanted to make something positive out of this post so it doesn't sound all sad and droopy! All and all I'm very happy where I'm at. I just gotta go with the flow and soon everything will fall into place.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I should be taking a nap right now. My boys are asleep which means I should be sleeping, instead I will be regretting this later on after dinner when I can't keep my eyes open because I didn't take my nap! subject I have come to know very well. Yesterday Tay attended primary for the fist time. He didn't attend it the week before only because I was sucked into his alligator tears and let him just come to class with me. Since Mom was back and would be in primary with him for the first half (shes the primary president) I thought he would do fine. So as I walk into relief society excited because its been a while since I've attended...what do I get a tap on the shoulder from Mom asking me to go sit in with Tay. Feeling bad for his brand newly called teachers who I should mention have a 16 mo and a newborn sitting in class with them. My son was screaming his big head off. I think Tay will be needing a little more time to adjust. It looks like I will be attending sunbeams with him till he can get use to it!!! On the bright side Kaiden did very well in nursery, I was very proud of him!

It's crazy to think my kids are getting so big. I can hold many great and odd conversations with Tay. The other day I ask him to go get a diaper for his brother and as he turned the corner he turns to me and shouts "I DO THIS ALL MY LIFE". Hold up... shouldn't he be saying that in like lets say nine, ten years from now. My son truly says the darnest things. Kaiden on the other hand is a BOI. He is ALWAYS into things, ALWAYS eating things (I'm not talking about food everything BUT food!), ALWAYS being a mean-y to whoever is around him! All I can say is I hope he grows out of it.Haahha... At the end of the day I simply can't get enuff of those two. I am soo blessed to be there momma and share the special moments life has to offer.!