Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything in a nutshell

.... No excuses for me. I'm a slacker and have been slacking a bit on my blog. Well life in general. Excuse is: I am a mother of two kids. Yup I definitely have permission to use that for everything. Haha!!! Life has been a bit crazy in my home. School finished last week(YAAAHHYAHHHYAHHYIPPITYYAHHH!). GOSH I hate school. I even hate that I hate school. Wish I could just figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life... Maybe one day I'll get it right. "If it ain't crazy it ain't meee"... should be my life motto. UGHHH I feel like this past month my brain has been all over the place. However I have been successful at finding a job. Which I LOVE!!! I work with customers who don't speak english all day... There from all over the world and I envy that they can just SPLurGe there money on just about anything. WHAT A LIFE!!! Ahhh.. must be nice. The only issue I do have with my job is my feet KILL at the end of my shift. I think It's a sign of old age. KIDS, another wonderful gift they bring to you.... aging, even though I'm ONLYYY 22! Sheeesh....! LOL. Love my boys!

I have managed to fit in two trips to Utah in a month. Had a blast every minute of it. Was forced to watch Paranormal Activities with my cousin...(which I'm late at watching, I know) but I don't really like scary movies especially ones like that. My opinion on it is BLEGH.... literally I felt soooo sick after watching it, NO not because I was sooo scared because the camera kept moving which gave me motion sickness. Oh I also had to sleep with the hallway light on all night. Haahaa. DON"T JUDGE ME:)

My Crazy hoodlums... Are growing ever soo ruffly everyday. They cannot manage to go throughout the whole day without a scrap here or there. Which I will hear it all in the bathroom when I'm giving them baths, SCREAMING there little(BIIIGGG) heads off "NOOOO MOMMY IT HURTSS, OUCHIE IT STINGS" Haahaa. They are constantly beating on each other and then they will both come crying blaming the other. I have no remorse, other mothers probably think I'm Crazy. BBuuuttt I don't baby my boys... not because I want them to grow up tuff It's just not me. I never liked being babied growing up. So I don't do it to them. My Oldest son who is 3 1/2 can write his name. T.A.Y. I was sooo proud of him when he came to show me on his doodle thingy. He is soo eager to grow up and go to school and I'm hoping next school year I can start him in preschool. Kaiden is my bunga baby, Looks an acts like a FOB all day. Crazy but I cherish those moments he does let me cuddle and kiss him. He hates being cuddled and hates giving kisses... His idea of a kiss is on his forehead... Psh like he too good to give his mommy(anybody for that matter) real kisses. Lol. I'm afraid he's just too much like his momma in that way.

Life is pretty much happening... I love every moment I'm able to be with my kids. Even more so that I'm working. Which 8 hrs away from my kids everyday is too long, but has to happen:( I'm truly blessed to have found a job as quick as I did. It was wonderful timing too because school just ended so I was able to have no complications with my school and work schedule colliding together. I Love my life and am excited for summer... not are Vegas heat but chillin by the pool with my family! Love it!!!

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  1. Hey!!! I miss you so much and i have so much to tell you!!! We seriously need to catch up!! I know I missed your call the other day but I wasnt home and I will tell you all about it!!! I hope I can catch you when your free to talk... lyfe of a mommy with a job, school and then to come home to your kids... never a moment alone LOL.. but i love you and miss you!!! call you soon